Why I Chose This Mission

After graduating college there were a lot of paths I could have chosen. Why did I choose this mission? Why did I choose to give a year of my life?

I want to be formed. I want to be different. I know I can be different. I want to a better person than I am now.I know I can be more patient, more loving and more forgiving.

I am going to Christ in the City because God needs me to.I am aware of what I have been given and I know that others are in need. I want to give generously with my time.

I want to witness the Gospel by the way I live my lie. Jesus sends us to be the light of truth to others.

Because the people who I serve have Christ in them.

Because the homeless are marginalized and ignored by the world.

I think going to daily mass and praying a lot is actually really awesome, and also very necessary.

I want to live with Catholicism and Christ at the center of life.  I want to be closer to the Lord.

I want the next part of my faith journey to be challenge.I’m okay with life not being easy. I don’t want life to be easy. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being comfortable. I want to be challenged always, so I can become who God created me to be.   


I want to learn to love others. I believe that learning to love like Jesus does requires both action and prayer. I don’t want to just know my faith, I want to also live it in my actions.

I want to serve and serve in a way that’s more than just putting tater tots on a plate and being able to say we fed a ton of people today.A lot of the people who live on the streets don’t know their dignity. However, they are daughters and sons of the King, just like you you me. I want to be an Instrument of God by helping to remind my brothers and sister of their dignity.

This is my mission because when someone is struggling just listening with an open heart and open mind goes a very long way. Because sometimes love is just listening and being there, not trying to fix  problems. Like Mary at the foot of the cross, I cannot change or fix sufferings of others. I can be with them on their journey.

Because I know that they need Jesus and not me. I can give them and their struggles to God in prayer.

I can be the hands and feet of Christ. God equips the called. I can be an instrument of God’s peace.

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