Divine Providence

I live completely off of Divine Providence; my mission is possible only through the generosity of others. I have given my year and availability, and have to trust that God will take care of the rest.

“Your heavenly Father knows what you need. Seek first his kingdom and all these things shall be yours as well” (Mt 6:31-33).

Looking at Sunday’s Gospel, the message is pretty similar. Jesus doesn’t say pack a bunch of stuff and bring everything you could ever possibly need. He’s pretty clear, pack lightly because He is going to provide.

This whole divine providence thing has really caused me to depend on God in a much greater way than ever before. I’ve had to surrender myself completely to him. Everything including where this 6,000 dollars in going to come from.

Because I can’t do it alone. Because my support comes from Him.

Part of faith is relying on and depending on Him. It helps me to remember that the Lord is bigger, greater, and better than me.  He loves me greatly and is leading me down this road for a reason. He called me to this. He is in control. He is going to make this happen. I can rely on God completely. The Lord knows what I need, and he will meet those needs, on his time table, of course.

In Gratitude,


another wreath 7.8


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