Hi, I’m Emily

me and shomai \

I just graduated from college where I majored in Biology where I spent most of the time avoiding all the things my major is about labs, science, and microscopes.

edited grad photo

I am going to be a missionary for Christ in the City. After 22 years in Texas, in August I am moving to Denver.

But this journey is not all about me. It’s about my Jesus and the adventure he is taking me on.

I love Jesus, laughing a lot, taking pictures, the outdoors, marveling about the world God created, sunny days, Fleetwood Mac, Anthropologie, bear hugs, seeing the bright side, open sun roofs, chocolate chip cookies, good books, heart to hearts, trying new foods, and the ocean.

I’m extroverted with a big empathetic heart. You’ll find me at daily mass shocking the old ladies about young people in daily mass or at the post office mailing letters because I love writing letters or running through airports trying to make my flight of my next adventure, or being a child with the special needs kids I work with.

My truest identity is this: I’m a daughter of God.  I am a Catholic. I am striving. I am loved.

baby emily


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