I Need Your Help

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am writing you today because I am going to serve the poor and forgotten of Denver. I am giving a year of my life to participate in CHRIST IN THE CITY’s service program. I will be serving both Christ and The Church through CHRIST IN THE CITY. I believe in the mission, and I have seen the impact it has made on former missionaries. Ultimately, I want that for myself. To cover my costs for the year, I need to fundraise $6,000 by August 17th, 2015. A I need God’s grace through people willing to support me in order to make this happen. Any donation can be given in one payment or spread out monthly. Donations are tax deductible. For example, a $200 donation can be given in a one-time donation or spread out $20 a month over 10 months.

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As a young adult -I can attest that the war for my soul in today’s society is brutally real. I also know in taking on this mission year, I am enlisting for battle to fight for the souls of my fellow brothers and sisters in a unique way on the streets of Denver. In the fall, along with other young adults, I will be trained and then sent out onto the streets to share Christ’s love with the poor while receiving spiritual, intellectual and charitable formation.

In this experience (like many missionaries before me) I will have the opportunity to be further trained in my faith, develop lasting friendships, possibly change the lives of people struggling with homelessness and receive transformative ongoing formation. I will be better prepared to fight for something I truly believe in. This will continue for years to come. Please consider partnering with me in order that I may embark on this mission.

DONATE online or Via Check – Made out to “Christ in the City”, a 501c3 Tax Deductible NonProfit (please list Emily and total amount being donated and indicate whether it’s a one time or monthly recurring donation.)

Mail checks to: Christ in the City 605 W. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80204 (with name Emily in memo field) or donate at https://christinthecity.webconnex.com/CIC

Enter Emily as “who invited you to donate”

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